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A-kon - Dallas

May. 28th, 2007 | 09:41 pm
music: Desire - Luna Sea
posted by: ashkahchan in dinosaur_zone

A-kon is this weekend in Dallas, and I'm planning to go, cosplaying Kamio and possibly Oshitari as well. Just wondering how many others who frequent here are going to be there, and if they also plan to do cosplays.

I heard talk last year about them trying to have official photo shoots for Bleach/Naruto/Kingdom Hearts.

I know there was a fairly good sized Hyoutei group there last year, and was just hoping that they might be there again this year, because I'd love to do a shoot, even if it is unofficial. ^^

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Quarterfinals Redux

Mar. 8th, 2007 | 10:36 pm
mood: disappointed disappointed
posted by: starlightstorm in dinosaur_zone

Due to the high incidence of voting with RP journals, dead journals, sockpuppets, fic journals, and the like, the first post for the Quarterfinals is no longer valid.

The winners will be determined from this entry instead.

I wish I didn't have to do this, but there were just too many of them. Let's not make this into a huge thing, okay? I'm sad that my favorite characters didn't go through, too, and I'm glad that everyone's getting into it, but in the end, this is a fun little fandom thing. Let's not make it unfair by using 86 journals when other people only have one, okay?


Poll under cutCollapse )

Voting still closes on Sunday night.


Character Tourney: Quarterfinals

Mar. 8th, 2007 | 12:35 am
posted by: starlightstorm in dinosaur_zone

I know.
This is going to be really hard.
We're getting down to the wire, here. The last contestants.
Will last year's champion Jirou make it to the Semifinals to defend his title? Or will it go to someone else?

Also, I neglected to mention the winners of our past question zeros:
- for the school competition, it was Hyoutei, with 27.4% of the votes. (Seigaku followed close behind with 25.3%, Rikkai with 18.5% and Fudomine with 13%.) -- Interestingly enough, this order reflects our top eight contestants, with half of them on Hyoutei's team, three from Seigaku, and just one representating Rikkai. *glassespush!*

- and for the media competition (aka, how do you like your Tenipuri served?), the winner was Musicals, with 34.6% of the votes.

YOU DECIDE.Collapse )

Voting concludes Monday, when the Semis will be posted.

EDIT: Thursday, 9:14pm US/Central:
I would like to remind all voters that any journal other than a user's primary account will be disqualified from the final count. This primarily includes RP journals although it also extends to fic and creative journals. I really don't mean to start any commotion with this, but some people have more RP journals than others, and in order for this to be a fair contest with an even playing field, I have to do this. I have been checking who's been voting periodically and have had to make note of some disqualifications already. So please, please, let's be fair about this, okay?

I'm really glad that everyone's having so much fun and getting into it. I'd really not like to spoil it for anyone. ♥ Thank you for your cooperation.


Character Tourney: Round of 16

Mar. 5th, 2007 | 12:16 am
posted by: starlightstorm in dinosaur_zone

Onto the poll~!Collapse )

Quarter-finals will be up on Thursday!


2nd Annual Character Tournament: Round Three!

Mar. 1st, 2007 | 03:49 am
posted by: starlightstorm in dinosaur_zone

Time for round three~
You know the rules. ^_^

Round Three under cut~Collapse )

Voting ends Sunday night, new poll up Monday. :D
Hopefully these choices are becoming less difficult!

EDIT: Voting is now closed.


Character Tourney: Round Two

Feb. 26th, 2007 | 03:40 am
posted by: starlightstorm in dinosaur_zone

Second verse, same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse. ;D
Congrats are in order to Seigaku, who advanced all nine regulars to the second round.

Again, be sure to check out question zero, which is totally irrelevant but possibly more relevant than other question zeros have been. Due to my own stupidity the final option of question zero, 'something else entirely' will be counted as Rokkaku. Please bear this in mind when making your votes!

Let the second round begin.Collapse )

I know some of these are really difficult. D: This is where it starts to get tough!
Due to me being a dork and not including a question fifty-one on the first poll, Tomoka has been added back into the mix, since she was so close to Nanako in round one.

Voting will conclude at 11:59 pm US/Eastern time on Wednesday, Feb 28.
The next poll will be up sometime on Thursday, March 1st.
Somewhere in there we'll celebrate Fuji's birthday. ♥

EDIT: Voting is now closed. Next round will go up soon~


Second Annual Character Tourney: Round One

Feb. 22nd, 2007 | 01:26 am
posted by: starlightstorm in dinosaur_zone

After thinking it over (and taking some good advice), I decided the best way to conduct the tourney is to post it here and advertise it on tenipuri -- that way, people who want to can just click a link and bop over here to vote. :D

We're drawing from a pool of 128 names (some of whom I have no idea who they are) and thus seven rounds like a real Grand Slam, with two rounds posted each week (Mondays and Thursdays; this week is a little early because I wanted to get a head start, and the first round always takes more work)~

The rules are simple. For every matchup, pick one. That's it. That's all. Use whatever criteria you want: they're prettier, they're more seme, they'd win at tennis, they're more generally fabulous and thus likely to win an all-out deathmatch ... whatever you want. ;D

We have a bonus question to kick things off, though, so please be sure to pick an option for question zero!

Round One under cut!Collapse )

Voting will continue until 11:59 US/Eastern time on Sunday, Feb 25.
The next poll will be posted after voting concludes on Monday, Feb 26.

EDIT: Voting is now closed. The winners from this round will go back into the bowl for the next matchups, which will be posted soon.


Second Annual March Madness Character Tourney

Feb. 21st, 2007 | 04:08 am
posted by: starlightstorm in dinosaur_zone


Last year we had a pretty popular poll-thinger that I posted on this comm, and I'd like to do it again sometime soonish -- we've got more characters to vote for this time, so we'll need more weeks to vote!

So my post here is twofold:

First! ... is this community still being watched? It's seemed kinda, well, deadish, so I thought I'd give it a poke and see if there was any life left.

a. Who are your top four favorite characters? I want to try seeding some characters this time and I could easily guess, but um. I don't want to assume too much. XD;
b. I might have to leave out some people in order to get an even and/or manageable number. So, are there any really minor/obscure characters that I should include on the tournament this year?

... okay, I lied.
Would you guys want to keep this poll here, or d'you think I should take it over to tenipuri? My initial reasoning for doing it here was that this was a more informal community that'd actually allow something cracky like this, but there's more people watching the generic comm ... Thoughts?

Because I'm going to try this seeding thing, it's not going to be totally random matchups like it was last year - it'll be a single-elimination tourney, kinda like on the show. Should be pretty fun. :D



Jan. 23rd, 2007 | 08:29 pm
mood: hopeful hopeful
posted by: fyretoppaaa in dinosaur_zone


It's nearly pitch-black out tonight, far too cloudy to even show the moon. You know you shouldn't have spent so long hanging out with your friends, but they're persuasive and you lost track of time. That's fine, though. You don't live that far away.

But then, you start to get an eerie feeling. It's a lot like that strange itch you get when someone's been staring at you for too long, only ten times worse. It makes you shiver, despite the mild night. When you look around, there's no one there. No one except some bag lady wandering slowly down the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street, and you doubt that she could see anything through that big hat.

You keep going, but the feeling doesn't go away. In fact, you could swear that it intensifies. You're jittery, now, and you even start walking faster, eager to get home and go to sleep and forget about the weird feeling completely.

There's no warning when it happens. One moment, nothing's wrong, the next you've been shoved out of a streetlamp's light and into the gloom. You stumble back and hit a wall, having no time to react before something's pinning you down, and all your struggling does nothing to move your attacker. There's just enough light to see a silhouette, tangled hair framed by a big, ugly hat. It's the bag lady from before, but since when was an old woman this strong?

Then you hear a hiss, and see a brief reflection of light off of exposed fangs.

Your body isn't found until early the next morning.

Further InformationCollapse )



Jan. 3rd, 2007 | 08:29 pm
mood: hopeful hopeful
posted by: fyretoppaaa in dinosaur_zone

Got an OT3? OT4? OT5? More? Always wanted to join a challenge community that would allow you two do a pairing with more than 2 people?

Well have I got the place for you!

30_dogpile is a challenge community for both fanfic writers and artists who want to tackle a pairing with more than just two people. We accept any pairing of three or more, and any fandom is welcome including crossovers, original characters, and other cracky fun.

Join on up and claim a pair today! <3

Crossposted everywhere. ♥ Pimpage is fun. If this kind of thing isn't allowed in the community where it is posted, please tell me and I shall delete, or delete on your own. I apologize ahead of time.