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Welcome to the Dinosaur Zone, breeding flaming dinosaurs since... well, to be honest, since I finally saw the Prince of Tennis movie about 4 hours ago.

I'm still fairly n00 to Prince of Tennis, and it's come to my attention that PoT people are sometimes nostalgic for the heydays of fandom back in ought-four, when meta was discussed and crack and stuff generated randomly. There aren't really *comms* for that kind of thing; people do (or did) it in their own journals, but you don't get to meet new people that way, and you don't feel comfortable taking part if you're not a friend, but just randomly stumble across it. This culminated in me wanting to make a comm, maybe for n00bs like me, and others who might want fresh crack, where we can share all our randomosity and party like it's a year ago. Or something. I've never been one for big meta discussions, and I know they can get wearing when you've read them twenty times before, but I still think it'd be nice to have something like that, where the emphasis is on sparking conversation and sharing the weird thoughts that come to you usually when you're in that honeymoon period with a series. And hey, I know that that honeymoon can last a long time! So it's lonely when other people have got something new; or when you know there are people out there you want to meet, but you don't know where they are!

Hopefully, they'll be here! Old fan, new fan, all are welcome! Feel free to post any cracky thoughts as they come to you - sentences starting "What if..." or "Wouldn't it be cool if..." or "You know x? I think they should..." are most welcome. You don't have to make any huge creative effort - throw an idea out, and see who catches it! :D (If you RP, too, character posts are always fun. ^_~) The only rule is, well, be nice! Any queries go to your suitably cracked-up mods, elyndys or vanillafire. Please, have fun! It's why we're here. ^_~